Clearing & Forwarding

Nu Vision Logistics is aware of the time, date and market sensitivity of your cargo. We therefore offer our clients a full scale operation from packaging to forwarding. All your packaging, Fumigation, inspections, clearance and hand-overs are executed in a timeously manner to ensure a “hassle free” experience.


Packaging plays on integral part in the logistical process. Effective packaging protects your products and commodities during the transportation process, whether by air, sea or road. Nu Vision Logistics offers our clients a wide range and specialized service for all packaging requirements in partnership with reputable packaging and crating service providers.

This includes all products ranging from refrigerated, dangerous goods, live animals and general cargo. If you need your cargo packed or crated, we can arrange it. Nu Vision Logistics is also able to assist with packing and unpacking, storage, collection and delivery.


Cargo is not only import or exported but also moved domestically with South Africa, whether by air or by road. Nu Vision Logistics has formed bonds and partnerships with local operators and therefore able to offer our clients competitive pricing. We are also able to hand in cargo at an adequate time in order to ensure cold chain is maintained for perishable cargo.